Congratulations to our IEA Teams on another wonderful season that was so sadly cut short! Best of Luck to our graduating seniors, we know you will do amazing things!



 2019 IEA

2019 - 2020 High School & Middle School IEA Teams

Our IEA team is a great opportunity for middle school and high school students to show without the expense of leasing or owning a horse.  In addition it allows an otherwise individual sport to encompass a team atmosphere.  All riders on the team take weekly lessons in addition to attending practice at least twice a month, getting the opportunity to ride our wonderful lesson horses.  When riders travel to shows, they ride a horse from the barn where the show is being held at, much like our college team does. The season starts at the end of August and wraps up at the end of April.  Our riders work hard all year to qualify for regionals, zones and nationals - both individually and as a team. 

Coaches: Jess Anselmo, Susan & Gary Clark

Captains: Emilie Aebi, Madison Brooks & Samantha Fellenz




Regional Results & Zone Qualifiers:

IMG 7602

Upper School Team:

Madison Brooks, Samantha Fellenz, Christina Poirier, Olive Quiana, Alessandra Song, Charlotte Subak

Middle School Team:

Marla May Feeney, Sierra Johnson, Olivia Sousa, Sierra Wiser, Charlotte Wolfe

Individual Qualifiers:

Oceana Johnson, Sierra Johnson, Vivian Kay, Lily Mazur, Colette McDonough, Christina Poirier, Alessandra Song, Olivia Sousa, Sierra Wiser



Look out for our High School riders and individuals competing at IEA Nationals April 25-28, 2019 in Harrisburg, PA!


Congratulations to our High School and Middle School Teams, and our individual riders on a successful Zone finals!

Special congratulations to our High School Team and Individual riders Lily Mazur, Olive Quiana-Smith and Oceana Johnson on qualifying for Nationals!!


2019 IEA Regionals

Congratulations to all our riders on a successful Regionals! High School & Middle School Teams were CHAMPION!

Best of Luck at Zones to our High School & Middle School Teams and all individual qualifiers!


2017 - 2018:  



IEA Champs 2018

Congratulations to our National Team Riders:

Tomiko McGovern - 1st Varsity Open Flat, 2nd Varsity Open Fences

Chloe Love - 1st Varsity Intermediate Flat, 1st Varsity Intermediate Fences

Madison Brooks - 4th JV Novice Flat, 5th JV Novice Fences

Charlotte Subak - 1st JV Beginner Flat

Special Congratulations to Tomiko McGovern: 

Individual Varsity Open Flat National Champion & Winner of the Varsity Open Championship

IEA Champs 3 2018

Special Congratulations to Chloe Love:

National Reserve Champion Individual Varsity Intermediate Flat

IEA Champs 4 2018

Very Special Thank You to Emilie Aebi, Lily Mazur & Angelina Trapani-Banyra for taking amazing care of our horses at Nationals! Our horses won 5 National Classes!!

IEA champs 2 2018



Madison Brooks, Molly Dudek, Marla May Feeney, Samantha Fellenz, Heather Graham, Oceana Johnson, Vivian Kay, Chloe Love, Lily Mazur, Tomiko McGovern, Ella Nield, Amber Nodhturft, Noelle Parsons, Christina Poirier, Jasmine Rider, Lia Sachs, Olive Smith-Quiana, Alessandra Song, Riley Stutzman, Charlotte Subak, Angelina Trapani-Banyra & Isabella Valentino

2017 IEA team



National Results:
 IEA Nationals 2017

Congratulations to our High School Team & Individual Riders on some great riding at Nationals!

Individual Results:

Tomiko McGovern - Open Flat: 3rd, Open Championship: 8th

Miko Open Flat 2017

Sportsmanship Award: Carly Stirewalt 

Carly Sportsmanship Award 2017

Team Results:

Katie Brooks - Varsity Intermediate Flat: 4th

Katie Int Flat 2017


Zone Competition: 

Congratulations to the entire High School Team, Madison Brooks, Tomiko McGovern, Amber Nodhturft, Carly Stirewalt & Kaylie Tierney on qualifying for Nationals!

IEA Zones 2017

Individual Results:

High School:

Samantha Fellenz - 6th JV Beginner WTC

Tomiko McGovern - 1st Open Flat, 2nd Open Championship, 6th Open Fences

Amber Nodhturft - 1st JV Beginner WTC

Carly Stirewalt - 3rd Open Flat, 4th Open Fences, 8th Open Championship

Kaylie Tierney - 4th JV Novice Flat

Middle School:

Madison Brooks - 1st Future Novice Flat

Team Results:


Open Fences: Carly Stirewalt - 4th

Open Flat: Tomiko McGovern - 1st

JV Novice Flat: Kaylie Tierney - 3rd

JV Beginner WTC: Lia Sachs - 1st 

Katie Brooks & Chloe Love also competed for High School Team

Middle School: 8th Place

Future Novice Flat: Madison Brooks - 3rd

Future Beginner WTC: Charlotte Subak - 3rd

Vivian Kay also competed for Middle School Team


Regional Competition

High Point Rider: Carly Stirewalt

Sportsmanship Award: Charlotte Subak

Horse of the Day: Lucky C's very own lesson horse - "Molly"

Individual Riders heading to Zones:
High School: Samantha Fellenz, Tomiko McGovern, Amber Nodhturft, Carly Stirewalt & Kaylie Tierney 

Middle School: Madison Brooks

High School: Reserve Champions!

Middle School: Reserve Champions!



National Results:

Individual Competition:

Varsity Open Flat: Tomiko McGovern, National Champion!!!


Future Novice Flat: Athena Bason, 7th

athena 7th

Team Competition - High School: 5th PLACE FINISH!!!

Varsity Open Flat: Tomiko McGovern, 1st!!!!

JV Novice Crossrails: Chloe Love, 3rd!!!

Team Members Included: Carly Stirewalt, Tomiko McGovern, Morgan Johns, Chloe Love, Katie Brooks & Elizabeth Murphy

Team Competition - Middle School: 6th PLACE FINISH!!!

Future Novice Flat: Athena Bason, 3rd

Future Beginner Flat: Madison Brooks, 2nd

Team Members: Athena Bason & Madison Brooks


Special Congrats to Carly Stirewalt, 7th in the Horsemanship Test!

carly horsemanship test

Thank you to the sponsors who helped us make the journey to 2016 nationals in Kentucky:

Aden Brook Farm, Advanced Security Solutions Inc,, Blue Chip Farm, Green Valley Tack, Hudson Valley Impressions, Infinite Possibilities, Farm Credit, Farm Family Insurance, Friends of LCS, Thomas Kelly & Ulster Savings Bank

sponsor pic


Zone Finals Results:

Individual Competition:

Varsity Open Flat: Tomiko McGovern - Champion!!

Varsity Intermediate Fences: Tomiko McGovern - 3rd


Miko Zones IEA

JV Novice Flat: Katie Brooks - 7th

Future Novice Flat: Athena Bason - Champion!!

Athena IEA

 Congrats Tomiko & Athena, headed to Nationals!

Team Competition:

High School: ZONE CHAMPIONS!!!

Varsity Open Fences: Carly Stirewalt - 1st

Varsity Open Flat: Tomiko McGovern - 1st

Varsity Intermediate Fences: Tomiko McGovern - 1st

Varsity Intermediate Flat: Morgan Johns - 5th

JV Novice Fences: Chloe Love - 3rd

JV Novice Flat: Katie Brooks - 6th

JV Beginner Flat: Elizabeth Murphy - 2nd  

IEA High School

Middle School: ZONE CHAMPIONS!!!

Future Novice Fences: Athena Bason - 2nd

Future Novice Flat: Athena Bason - 1st

Future Beginner Flat: Madison Brooks - 1st

IEA Middle School


Regional Results:


High School Team: Regional Champs!

Individual Qualifiers:

Varsity Open Flat: Tomiko McGovern - 1st*, Carly Stirewalt - 4th

Varsity Intermediate Fences: Tomiko McGovern - 2nd*, Molly Dudek 5th

Tomiko McGovern: Reserve High Point Rider

Varsity Intermediate Flat: Morgan Johns - 4th

JV Novice Fences: Katie Brooks - 7th, Lauren Johns - 8th

JV Novice Flat - Katie Brooks - 1st*, Isabella Valentino - 2nd*, Chloe Love - 8th

JV Beginner W/T/C: Elizabeth Murphy - 3rd

Middle School: Regional Reserve Champs!

Individual Qualifiers:

Future Novice Flat: Athena Bason - 1st*

Future Beginner W/T/C: Vivian Kay - 4th, Emilie Aebi - 6th

* = Zone Qualifier Individually



IEA Nationals Results -

High School Team: 7th at Nationals!

Abby Hastings (2nd Varsity Open Flat), Carly Stirewalt (3rd Varsity Open Fences) & Katie Brooks (6th JV Beginner Flat)

Middle School Team:

Elizabeth Murphy (3rd Future Beginner Flat)


Chloe Love - National Reserve Champion Future Novice Flat

**What a great job was done by all! Congrats to both our teams and all of our riders**

IEA Nationals 2015

Chloe Love IEA Nationals 2015


We are heading to nationals!!!

IMG 0581

High School were Zone 2 Finals Champions & Middle School finished 3rd so both teams are heading to Wellington, Florida for nationals!!!!

High School Team: 

Varsity Open Flat: Abby Hastings, Varsity Open Fences: Carly Stirewalt, Varsity Intermediate Flat: Tomiko McGovern, Varsity Intermediate Fences: Tomiko McGovern, JV Novice Flat: Morgan Johns, JV Novice Fences: Molly Dudek, JV Beginner Flat: Katie Brooks

Middle School Team:

Future Intermediate Flat: Molly Kenny, Future Intermediate Fences: Lauren Johns, Future Novice Flat: Chloe Love, Future Novice Fences: Chloe Love, Future Beginner Flat: Elizabeth Murphy


Open Fences: Carly Stirewalt & Future Novice Flat: Chloe Love

Review our official press release: IEA Press Release 2015


Best of Luck to the 2014-2015 Regional Qualifiers from our Lucky C IEA Team!

IEA Team 2



2013-2014 Highlights:

High School: Year-End Reserve Champions

Middle School: Year-End Champions!

Overall Individual Champion: Tomiko McGovern

Congratulations to Abby Hastings ~ 7th place at Nationals!