Lucky C Stables has a variety of horses and ponies for sale and/or lease!

Our lease program was developed for the more serious rider who wants a horse/pony to compete with and be able to lesson on regularly, without the up front purchasing expenses.  Depending on the lease you choose, there is a lease fee plus a monthly charge for expenses that are more affordable if you are not ready to buy a horse of your own quite yet!

Our lease options include:

Full lease: This option is the closest to having a horse without the upfront cost of purchasing. This type of lease ensures the rider is the only one riding the horse (unless professional rides are needed), allowing the rider to ride the horse any 5 days a week they prefer. Riders will have exclusive use of this horse at shows. The rider is also responsible for all basic grooming care of the horse.

Half lease: This option is less expensive than the full lease but still allows the rider to have guaranteed rides on their selected horse 2-3 days a week, which typically includes 1-2 lessons and 1-2 free rides on the horse. With this lease option it must be the same 2-3 days each week that the rider rides (for scheduling purposes). If a rider selects this option, the horse will either be used in lessons, ridden by the horse's owner (when applicable), or ridden professionally on the additional days to ensure the horse is maintained in a proper program. Riders will have right of first refusal to use horse at shows, though the horse may also be showed by someone else in a different division than leasee. This is our most popular lease option for our lesson horses!

Daily lease: This option is to ensure that riders get their desired horse for lessons and horse shows without the higher expense of full or half leasing. With this type of lease, the rider will be allowed to use the horse in their weekly lesson and will have the right of first refusal to use the horse at shows. This type of lease is first come, first serve as only 1-2 of these leases will be allowed per lesson horse.